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Friday, July 29, 2011

5 Years, 4 Addresses, 3 Apartments, 2 New Cars, and 1 Kiddo....

Today is our 5 year wedding anniversary!!!! And it's making me think of how those 5 years have gone.... We have had 4 addresses.... and 3 apartments..... (our first apartment flooded, then we lived with Jamie's parents for 2 months, then a one bedroom apartment, and now our 2 bedroom with Teagan) We've bought 2 cars for me... (3 cars all together have been bought) and we have one kiddo....

I can honestly say that we are happy. Jamie is happy. Teagan is happy. I'm happy. We have everything we need and some of what we want.... We do a lot of fun things as a family and we each have time for ourselves.

Happy Anniversary Jamie!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Blinked- And He's 3!

On June 16 Teagan turned 3 and I'm still not completely sure how in the world 3 years has gone by. I guess I blinked...

We had Teag's party at The Magic House this year and invited all of his little friends. He had such a great time and is still talking about his party and who came.

Our little family on the day of his party! It was a train themed party- His shirt says, "CHOO-CHOO! I'm 3!"

Mommy and Teagan decorating a train hat!

All the kids decorating whistles!

Each kid got a cupcake that they got to decorate themselves! Teagan wanted to eat the icing!

He was SOOOOOO happy to hear everyone singing happy birthday to him!


More presents!

Teagan loves Angry Birds and he was so excited about getting a stuffed one!

Ready to go play!

Teagan and his Aunt Sue!

Carpe The Next Day....

I am sure that it must seem like I fell off the face of the planet! I guess that I kind of did.... We have had a very very busy past 3 months.... We had 3 graduations, 4 graduation parties, a few birthdays, Teagans 3rd birthday, and I was teaching summer school! Finally everything is slowing down and I have at least 2 weeks of a slow life-- but possibly 4 weeks-- waiting to see where some chips will fall.

Get ready-- because I'm about to make several new posts!