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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's Been A While....

Well I guess that I have been really busy... Because I haven't given everyone an update on what we are up too.... OR maybe we just aren't really all that entertaining...

Let's see here....

Thanksgiving was nice- For the first time EVER we only went to ONE Thanksgiving get-together! Normally we have 3 houses/families to go and see but this year it just worked out perfectly to only go to one and let me tell you-- it was soooooo much better then going to 3!! Everyone was in a good mood-- Everyone got naps....

The day after Thanksgiving we had Jamie's cousin, Seamus, who is 1- Stay the night with us. I can honestly say this now-- I am glad I only have one child at this point... 2 is a LOT of work-- especially two that are only a year apart!!

On December 5 we had Jamie's Paddy's Eagle Scout ceramony- as a suprise-- they gave Jamie his Eagle Scout award there too! He never had time to have a ceramony when he got his-- almost 9 years ago! (I will do a whole post on that with pics later)

Other then that-- we are anxiously awaiting Christmas so that we can see how Teagan reacts this year!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Santa 2010

Santa is often times a pretty scary situation to kids and Teagan was no exception to this rule. But I started off by just talking about Santa and how we would go and tell Santa what he wanted for Christmas because he has been such a good and sweet boy. We talked about how we would leave cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer.

Then we moved on to walking past him at the mall and waving.

Then tonight-- I decided it was time to "take the plunge"-- and we walked up to Santa-- as we walked up to him he was grabbing on to me, wrapping his legs around my waist, and crushing his face in to my neck.... BUT once we got up to him and I sat down in front of Santa-- still holding him... He was very willing to talk to him and he even gave Santa the candy cane another store had given him.... Well--- as luck would have it-- Teagan was willing to not only share his candy and tell Santa what he wants for Christmas (a play kitchen and a train table)-- He also smiled for a picture!!

Now this is a picture of a picture-- and I will try to get Jamie aka Daddy to scan a copy of it for me tomorrow-- but for now-- here is my big brave boy-- Seeing Santa in 2010..... (his shirt is up because he was showing the photographer his tummy-- she kept saying, "Im gonna get your belly" and he lifted his shirt to help her-- but the smile was to perfect to not get this pic!!)

And now--- Here it is--

Teagan and Santa- 2010

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out Of The Mouth Of Teag

Recently Teagan has said several things that made me laugh or smile-- So here we go!

Jamie: What are you and Mommy going to do today?
Teagan: We going to da zoo. We gonna see monkeys daddy. (it was about 45 degrees outside)
Jamie: It's a little to cold for the zoo Buddy.
Teagan: Oh. Maybe morrow Daddy.

Me: Teagan we are going bye bye.
Teagan: Where we goin?
Me: We are going shopping to find an outfit for Baby Kaylin. (rylans sister)
Teagan: Ry-Ry live fuh away. (Ry-ry is his cousin who lives in AZ)
Me: Yes he does live far away.
Teagan: Kay-Kay fuh away. An ackie fuh away.
Me: Yes Kay-kay and Aunt Jackie live far away too. BUT we are going to visit them in a few weeks.
Teagan: No. Ry-Ry to busy.
Me: What is he doing?
Teagan: He werking. *working* (Rylan is 2....)
Me: Oh well what about Kay-Kay?
Teagan: She werking too.
Me: What about Aunt Jackie?
Teagan: Oh she doin nottin.

Teagan was eating lunch in his high chair and our dog, Molly, was begging. Normally Teagan shares with her but this day he looked down at her and said, "NO Molly. I no share today. Maybe morrow."

At my moms work today she gave him a sucker-- he took one lick and said, "This is delicious!"

I can't believe he comes up with some of this!~

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Adventure Of Miniature Proportions

Recently Teagan told me he wanted to go on an "venture" aka adventure. On that day- it was cold outside and I couldn't come up with any ideas for a good outdoor adventure- So we went on an indoor adventure.... I took Teagan's Little People Animals-- (he has about 30) and I hid them around our living room and dining room and we went on an "animal hunt". He LOVED it. The pictures below are from one we did a few days later with Daddy.

Animal Adventure With Daddy

Teagan checking out some animals he just found.
(I didn't say I hid them in hard places...)

Teagan took this picture!

Scooping up his animals!

On his way to the next set...

Teagan said, "Mommy they sayin cheese"
soooo I took a pic!

As he finds them he lines them up..
Here he is wearing his Super T cape with all of his "catches"

Surrounded by his animals!

In the end this takes about 20 minutes... but for 20 minutes he squeals with delight and that makes it all worth it...

The Good.... The Bad.... And The Dirty

I am never lazy and I always vacuum when I should. Laundry NEVER piles up at my house and dust never settles on the furniture..... Did anyone believe that?? Anyone at all??

Well if you did... don't.... My house/apartment is clean.... but its not perfect... and today I realized I hadn't gotten out Dottie Dyson in a few days... ummm a week.... (ps== Dottie Dyson is what I named my vacuum as I typed this...) So tonight I got it out and I realized something VERY important....

The Dyson picks up EVERYTHING!!! Vacuum with a "regular" vacuum and then use one of these-- you will be disgusted at what it gets up even after a "regular" one-- SOOO WORTH THE MONEY!! (even more worth it when Target offers a gift card with purchase)

The Dyson picks up everything... so it almost mocks you when you have been avoiding it... See all that stuff it picked up??

BUT then I think about this adorable face getting all that icky stuff in his mouth... and I realize that Dottie Dyson can mock away... I'm going to just use her more often...That'll show her...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Just Dance.....

"Life may not be the party we hoped for.... but while we are here we might as well dance"

On this note-- I thought I'd write a post on a fun "mommy time". A friend of mine offered me tickets to a concert-- to a band that my friend, Amy, and I have loved for a LONG time. SOOOO this Sunday (November 14) we were off to The Pageant (a local concert venue) to see Reel Big Fish--

I had sooooooo much fun!!! It was a MUCH needed break with my friend and of course-- we had to go have pizza at Pi. If you are ever in St. Louis-- go to Pi!!!!

Soooo no pics.... but I had fun!!!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funny Before 9 AM.......

I have always loved kids and always loved to be around them.... I mean I have a degree in Elementary Education--- clearly- kids are a large focus of my life.... but Teagan and other kids.... Still do things that just crack me up....

I sub for a local school district-- so you can only imagine the stories I come home with.... and imagine is all you are going to continue to do because I refuse to blog about all of that... I don't think thats a very professional thing to do.... and I wouldn't want someone blogging about my kids.... even if they didn't use their name or anything-- but lets just say this-- the fact that kids don't have a filter-- doesn't stop at school with a sub....

So on too the point of this post--- Teagan can be really funny.... Its in the delivery of the things he says (is that possible at 2???)

This morning-- I went in Teag's room at 745--- and gave him some books so I could "take a long shower" aka-- lay down in bed for another 20 minutes and then take super fast shower.... sooo I'm laying in bed for about 10 minutes-- and I hear Teagan calling me, "MOMMY-- I need you. Come back pease" So I go in there and he has covered all of his book with his blanket and he says, "Mommy where my books at?" and I played along- as any good mom does- and said, "I don't know Teagan! Where did they go?? Are they lost?" and he said, "THEY'RE HIDING MOMMY".... We spent a minute or so looking in his bed-- and then he whips the cover back and says, "PEE A BOOOOOO"

After that he let me take my "long shower" and we came out to the living room to play (Daddy is having a "sleep in" day-- tomorrow is my day to sleep) We have a dog named Molly-- shes looks like the dog from The Wizzard Of Oz-- only a little bigger... and she right away hopped up on the couch... and Teagan said, "GET DOWN MOWWY. You not upposed be up dere. GET DOWN." as the dog hopped off (with that slightly confused look like, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KID") He said, "JEEZ shes nnoying me" (Maybe I shouldn't say that anymore....)

And now-- Teag is sitting right next to me.... eating some Cheerios and telling me all about all of his trains-- and its 9:22...

BTW-- Today is my nieces 11th birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE!!!

and in case I don't blog tomorrow---

Tomorrow is my niece Claires 2nd birthday! (Abbie and Claire are sisters)-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Silly Photo Thursday

So on Thursday morning my niece came over to spend the morning with us-- Teagan is 29 months (basically... officially he will be 29 months on November 16)-- Claire will be 2 on Sunday--- So they're 5 months apart in age..... And as I am sure you can imagine... leads to some fun times....

Claire and Teagan "resting" in Teagan's bed....

Later that night... we went out to dinner with Donna, Claire, and my mom... and Teagan wore this...

yup--- he has on a pirate monkey shirt, a train engineer hat, and a super hero cape....


Hey-- He's 2.... He was happy...and hes cute!

It's A Sign.....

So I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan.... I own all of the seasons and I watch it on TV almost every day.... I still cry at certain episodes (namely the series finale) and I am NOT ashamed to admit recently I watched the whole series from show 1- to Finale....

Well tonight I decided to watch a few episodes... Teagan saw that it was coming on and he squealed, "MOMMY ITS LORELAI AND RORY" I can't decide if this is a sign that I watch to much of this show.... or a sign that my son is becoming a huge fan as well...

I'm going to go with he is becoming a huge fan as well... (mostly because this gives me yet another excuse to watch more of it.....)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's The Rush??

I have noticed recently that so many people want to rush their kids from one stage to the next... We want to rush them to a toddler bed, rush them to be potty trained.... rush rush rush.... Why are we all in such a rush??? Why can't we just relax and let them be kids?? So you may have to change a few dozen... 100.... more diapers?? WHO CARES?? Life is short and one day you'll wish for the days when they were little...

Monday, November 8, 2010

An Update....

Currently we have a lot going on... Some good... Some bad-- I'm going to chose not to expand on the bad right now-- just please keep my family and a friends family in your prayers-- Pray for two medical miracles because thats what we need right now...

On to happier things.... Teagan has another appt with PAT tomorrow. PAT is Parents As Teachers-- a program that many states have but it appears very few people take advantage of-- Basically and early childhood teacher comes to your home a few times a year to evaluate your child and help you out with making sure they are on track developmentally. I am sure that many people think, "I can do that on my own" but its really nice to have someone come in and reassure you that your child is perfect.

Teagan's latest interest is monsters. He is always asking us to draw him monsters.... Sometimes scary... sometimes silly. I have no idea where he even learned about monsters but he did and now we are all about monsters!! (and of course still all about the trains and Toy Story)

Other then that-- We are just enjoying this slow time before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Toy Story 3

Teagan, as many of you know, is a HUGE Toy Story fan..... So on Wednesday his Grandma Kathy (my mom) took Teagan to Target and he got his hands on a copy of Toy Story 3-- when she tried to take it away from him so they could leave he gripped it as tight as he could and said, "PEASE NO PUT IT BACK GRANDMA. PEASE TOY STORY FEE" and Grandma caved-- We now own Toy Story 3!!

Here is a picture of my sweet boy watching his Toy Story 3 with Buzz, Woody, Slinky Dog, and the Buzz that came with the movie....

Daddy Design...

If you look at the top of my blog you can see that you can now access other pages! Jamie aka Daddy did that for me!!! He wrote the code so that I could have all those buttons and made sure they work!

What a great husband/daddy!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010-- ALL ABOARD

Halloween this year was sooooo much fun! I knew that the past two years he's had little to no idea what was going on but this year- We talked about it a lot and talked about what he was going to be. We practiced saying, "Trick or Treat please" and he was READY!!

Teagan was a train engineer this year because he is all about trains this year! (yes I know-- I still owe you a post about A Day Out With Thomas--)-- He carried around a Thomas The Train with him and he even wore the hat and the bandana the whole time!

He didn't get to go too many houses this year because we spent another year really focused on seeing family- but next year he is going to be able to go Trick Or Treat crazy!

Teagan, The Engineer, On The Run!

He was scooting down the hill saying he was on a slide..


Walking with Daddy

Showing me his loot.

My niece, Abbie-- A Gothic Fairy

Teagan The Train Engineer and Claire aka Emily Elizabeth


Ready to go!!

My Lil Boy in a tree

Through Teagan's Eyes Tuesday

Teagan has started to show a major interest in taking pictures-- So I am going to start posting pictures that he takes!!!

So here is the first in what is sure to be many--

Through Teagan's Eyes Tuesday!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Its official-- We are headed to visit Kaylin and Rylan January 12-18th!!

Teagan is already talking about how hes going to go "fah away" to see Ry-Ry and Kay-Kay.

So let the countdown begin!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Planet Fun

Planet Fun is an indoor playground near our house-- and we went there to play with Aunt Donna and Claire-- We have always been there with other small kids so we were never able to let them play in the big part- but this time we went with that intent!

They had a great time and did a great job climbing in the "big kid" part!!

Teagan climbing through a tube!



Working his way over a bridge

Taking a rest...

I have no idea why-- But I love this picture!


He laid down in here and said, "MOMMY I STUCK. HELP ME"-- after I got him up he said he was a silly boy!


As you can see-- I couldn't get him to stop long enough to give me a GOOD smile!! Just proof he had LOTS of fun!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kaylin Eve Davis= Aunt Briget x4!!!

On Thursday, October 21, 2010-- We welcomed our third niece and brought our total of "aunt/uncle opportunities" to four!

Kaylin Eve Davis arrived at 2:17 pm at 7 lbs 8ozs and 20 3/4 inches long! Mom and baby are doing great-- and are at home. Big brother last I heard was doing good too!

Sooo now on to what everyone really wants-- some pics of Kaylin!

Kaylin Eve Davis

Headed Home!

Rylan checking out his sister.

I think that Rylan was making sure Daddy was gentle...


Mommy and Kaylin


Pumpkin Picking!

Last weekend (October 17) we went to the pumpkin patch with Grandma Kathy, Aunt Donna, Claire, Abbie, and Uncle Cameron. Last year Teagan enjoyed it but really wasn't too sure what was going on and seemed to be perfectly willing to take or leave the pumpkin patch-- This year- he was squealing in the backseat as we headed there and saying, "I pick a BIG pumpkin Mommy."

Looking at animals!

Swinging on a saddle swing!

Picking a pumpkin!

A hayride with Grandma Kathy!

He is getting soooo big!

So far this fall we have had gorgeous weather! I know that I still owe everyone a post about "A Day Out With Thomas" and I promise it is coming!!! I am waiting for Grandpa Randy to get home from AZ so that we can get the pics!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mom.....Dad.....MIZZOU.... And A Weekend Away

It finally happened! Jamie and I finally had a weekend away!!! I had been thinking for a long time that we needed to but the opportunity finally came and it was far too good to pass up!

We went too........ MIZZOU FOR HOMECOMING!!!! My friend Karen and her boyfriend, Eric, were in town from California to go as well and we had such a great time. It was so nice to be able to leave Teagan with his grandma and just go and worry about us for a short time.

Let's start with what everyone wants to know.... MIZZOU played OU-- They hadn't beaten OU since 1998- Well that all changed Saturday!! MIZZOU won 36-27!! It was CRAZY! The students rushed the field and carried the goal post through MIZZOU's campus to Harpos- A bar where they cut the goal post up and people could have a piece of it. We walked part of the way with the goal post but didn't go on to get a piece of it..... 70k people in the stadium-- There was no way we'd have gotten a piece....

So away we go--- Our Weekend Away

I left at about 10 am Friday morning to ride to Columbia, MO (about 2 hours from home) with my friend Karen.... Up first- Booches

This is me, Karen, and Eric in front of Booches! Booches is a small bar that serves "the best hamburgers ever"... I don't eat red meat so I had Panera.

After Booches we decided to head to the Student Center- It had been redone since Jamie and Karen graduated-- and hadn't been open yet when Jamie and I went to MIZZOU a few weeks before Teagan was born.

On the way to the student center we saw a bike for two-- with a baby seat on the back-- That had a baby doll in it...

After visiting the MIZZOU Student Center, which was CRAZY busy!!! We decided to head to The Devils Icebox-- which is a cave in a park in Columbia, MO

Eric, Karen, and me-- right before we hiked up too the cave

A sign informing us the trail was closed.... We ignored it...

Inside the cave!

Me and Karen outside the cave.

After The Devils Icebox-- It was time for House Decs-- House Decs are mini skits that groups of fraternities and sororities put on in the street. We had a fun time walking around and seeing them and snacking!

Karen "chugging" the rest of the puppy chow!

In front of "the tiger".

ESPN was taping the show, Game Day. This is the truck.

Jamie met up with us at about 830 that night and headed too Flat Branch-- a micro-brewery in downtown Columbia. We made it back to the hotel and in to bed around 2 am. We were up at 9 am to go tailgate!

1st Tailgate--
First Tailgate!

After tailgating we headed to get Tiger Stripe Icecream!!



We went and saw some of the parade-- and then it was time to head to the alumni celebration with Jamie's fraternity.

Karen and I on the steps at Delta Sigma Phi-- This is where we used to sit to wait for the bathroom.

The new house!! We'll go back next year for the dedication.

After the alumni picnic we headed to the Delta Sig Alumni Tailgate!

Delta Sig Tailgate!

Jamie and I decided NOT to get tickets to the game-- and instead we went shopping for a present for Teagan and then watched the game in the student center. After MIZZOU beat OU- the students rushed the field to get the goal post and carry it through the streets. We caught up with them.

Carrying the goal post to Harpos.

Piggy Back ride!

We met up with Eric and Karen and decided to go and get snacks and head back to the hotel to chat. We fell in to bed at about 230 am! And we were back up and ready to leave by 1030 am.

One last picture before Karen heads home-- and we do.

Jamie, me, and Karen

So there you have it!! Our BUSY weekend away!