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Thursday, October 30, 2014


It's been a LONG time again..... A lot has changed in our lives....

Let's start with the biggest-- We have THREE KIDS!!! Cormack Francis Allen joined the ranks on August 20!!!! We seem to have hit the jack pot on getting another really easy baby. He smiles a lot and is just all around just as easy going as his siblings were.

Delaney... well Miss Laneybug has become quite sassy. She has no issues with making sure we know exactly what she wants....and when she wants it! She's super sweet and caring though at the same time. If you are sad-she wants to make you happy. She's becoming an expert cuddle bunny (which makes her mommy VERY happy) She currently loves Jake and The Neverland Pirates and Word World!! OHHH and baby dolls!

Teagan.... Teagan is almost half way through 1st grade! I have no idea where the time is going or how i can slow it down... But I wish I could! Teagan continues to amaze me with his ability to be a sweet and caring kid. He is wonderful with his siblings. Extremely patient and kind.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Back!

I've tried several times to be a "devoted" blogger and I have never had enough to write about. I'm thinking that 2014 is going to be the year that I start to have PLENTY to write about and plenty to share.

Let's do an update:

In September 2012 we moved in to our first house. It was a long wait but I'm so glad we waited and were able to buy exactly what we wanted!

In February 2013 our family grow by 2 feet! We welcomed out daughter, Delaney!

In December 2013 we found out that our family is growing again- by 2 feet! We are expecting our 3rd child in August!

I have decided that I need to do a better job of recording our life. Teagan has become a funny kid and Delaney is sure to follow in his foot steps. So hang on-- 2014 is just beginning!

Let's see here... Where to start... How about this--- I can't believe that we are expecting our third child! Delaney and Thing 3 will only be 18 months apart! I have moments where I think I have I may lose it.. and other moments where I think, "Oh this will be fine. We can do it!"

I guess time will tell..

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Things My Son Won't Believe/Understand Til He's 30 (No Matter How Many Times I Tell Him)

1) Life is hard. You get the test before the lesson- Don't be afraid to fail the test.

2) Any friend who isn't your friend in ALL situations shouldn't be your friend in ANY. Find a "sky scraper" friend. One who can with stand the strongest winds and the worst storms that life can throw at you.

3) Be a "sky scraper" friend.

4) People will make you feel bad about yourself. Decide if they have a point- if they do, fix it. If they don't, ignore it and get new friends (refer to "sky scraper" friends- They dont make you feel bad about yourself)

5) Learn the difference early between telling the truth and being mean and telling the truth and being kind. There's always a mean way and a nice way to give the same message. Nice is always better.

6) Learn how to change a tire, balance a checkbook, do laundry, and cook at least 3 good meals. Then sign up for AAA so you never have to change the tire.

7) Treat every woman the way you'd want your sister and mother treated. If that's not clear- treat them with respect. WOMEN/GIRLS ARE NOT OBJECTS!

8) Women are complicated. Listen well.

9) Do good.

10) Always open the door and hold it for people. Smile and say "Good morning" or "Have a good night" as they walk through.

11) Manners are NOT over-rated but they are hard to find now.

12) If you see someone struggling- help them. This may mean holding a door, loading a trunk with something heavy, or going out of your way- Do it. You won't ever regret it.

13) You will never understand true love til you have a child. Then you'll learn fear.

14) Never EVER underestimate the value of an education. Even if you never use it- everyone needs a safety net.

15) I, your mom, really do know everything. You'll realize this when you're 30...

16) You'll never be to told to call your mom but you may be too late. So call me... a lot!

17) No girl will ever be good enough for you- but I promise to love who you love.

18) People judge other people- its an impossible fact- just don't judge people for things they cant control.

19) Read-- A LOT. Reading is the one thing that can take you away at a moment notice and bring you back just as fast.

20) Read to your  kids. A LOT

21) You are perfect just the way you are.

22) Dream big.

23) Your self worth is NOT about how much money you make, what job you do, or how big your house is. Your self worth is YOU.

24) Be the change you wish to see in the world!

25)“You may not want to hear it, but your critics are often the ones telling you they still love you and care about you, and want to make you better. ” 

26) When it comes to women who are romantically interested in you- ignore what they say and pay attention to what they do.

27) Walls are there for a reason- to make you show how bad you want it.

28) “We have a finite amount of time. Whether short or long, it doesn’t matter. Life is to be lived” - LIVE IT WELL!

29) Don't bail! The best gold is at the bottom of the barrel.

30) No matter what- I will always love you.

What would you want your son to know by 30?

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where Oh Where Has My Life Gone...

I keep saying that I am going to be a better blogger and then I ummmm don't.... But I really need to get better because Teagan is becoming funnier and funnier with each passing day.

Catch UP: Well we put an offer in on a short sale house in early November and we are FINALLY hearing that we are close to finding out if we got approved by the sellers bank. S00000 hopefully in the next 8 weeks or so we will be moving in to our first house and that much closer to more changes... (i.e. once we have a house I'm open to growing our family)

We are in the process of figuring out what is going on with Teagan's tummy. We know for sure hes allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, and has a lactose issue-- but we are going to find out how big the issue is. We ruled out Cystic Fibrosis, any type of milk allergy, and a parasite of some sort.

I have started working part time and I love it! I love being around adults and feeling like I am actually making a contribution to our family.

Teagan is going to start daycare..... evenually. Currently he goes to grandparents houses but at some point.... I'll make the plunge for daycare. I know he will LOVE it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Not My Child!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Not My Child is a variation on NOT ME MONDAY!! Only this time I get to tell you all of the things I try to keep secret about Teagan... So here we go....

Teagan does NOT have a new thing for money and putting it in to his bank and he for sure does NOT ask almost everyone we know if they have any "cash" for him. I mean really- what parent would allow that to happen?

Teagan also NEVER EVER thinks it would be a good idea to go to CostCo or Sams for samples. I mean I'm sure that I have NEVER EVER taken him there for lunch on Sundays. I mean seriously what parent would think multiple sample makes a good lunch?

Teagan does NOT EVER get cookies for breakfast. NEVER EVER.....

My child doesn't ever say, "DONT TOUCH THAT MOMMY" and when I say to use manners change it to, "MOMMY DONT TOUCH THAT PLEASE".

See- my child is perfect! (hahahahaha)

Not Me Monday!!!

Not Me Monday, as I have said before was started by a blogger who goes by McMama-- It's a great way to admit to things I would NEVER do!

I did NOT let Teagan have a chocolate chip pancake for lunch. I would never allow him to eat something so basically unhealthy. All of his meals are very balanced.

I also did NOT get out a pair of pants that are a touch too long so that I could go a few more days before doing the laundry. I am always right on top of thing like that.

I did NOT give Teagan a swiffer duster and then sit on the couch while he dusted.... I would never use my child for chore that should be my job.

Most important I have never EVER told my child a small lie such as, "The cooked carrots are magic and if you eat them you'll get magic powers." (to be fair cooked carrots are the only thing he doesn't eat.)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Me Monday

I am really glad that MckMama started Not Me Monday again because I was missing being able to admit to all of the things that I never ever do....

This past week has been really busy and I most certainly did not let my son eat fruit snacks for breakfast so that I could just sit and relax. I always make sure that his breakfast is super healthy and a great start to his day.

I also did not make sure that Teagans clean underwear was shoved far enough back in his drawer so that he can't reach it because I was tired of him wearing 3 pairs at a time. I mean seriously why would anyone care?

And we all know that I would NEVER allow my son to tell strangers at Target about how he peed in a cup at the doctor. I would never be grateful he was talking to someone else regardless of the topic so that I could shut off my brain for a few seconds. (and I of course would never then hope he tells someone else because the reaction is funny)

I also do not EVER turn off the monitor and just pretend Teagan is still asleep.. Nope not me! I spring out of bed at the first peep from him to start our day!

And last but not least.... I did not wait to do our laundry until nothing was clean. I take advantage of every free second to do something productive. I for sure did not spend the time I should have been doing laundry watching Dance Moms.... I'd never watch such horrid TV....