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Monday, October 3, 2011

Not My Child!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Not My Child is a variation on NOT ME MONDAY!! Only this time I get to tell you all of the things I try to keep secret about Teagan... So here we go....

Teagan does NOT have a new thing for money and putting it in to his bank and he for sure does NOT ask almost everyone we know if they have any "cash" for him. I mean really- what parent would allow that to happen?

Teagan also NEVER EVER thinks it would be a good idea to go to CostCo or Sams for samples. I mean I'm sure that I have NEVER EVER taken him there for lunch on Sundays. I mean seriously what parent would think multiple sample makes a good lunch?

Teagan does NOT EVER get cookies for breakfast. NEVER EVER.....

My child doesn't ever say, "DONT TOUCH THAT MOMMY" and when I say to use manners change it to, "MOMMY DONT TOUCH THAT PLEASE".

See- my child is perfect! (hahahahaha)

Not Me Monday!!!

Not Me Monday, as I have said before was started by a blogger who goes by McMama-- It's a great way to admit to things I would NEVER do!

I did NOT let Teagan have a chocolate chip pancake for lunch. I would never allow him to eat something so basically unhealthy. All of his meals are very balanced.

I also did NOT get out a pair of pants that are a touch too long so that I could go a few more days before doing the laundry. I am always right on top of thing like that.

I did NOT give Teagan a swiffer duster and then sit on the couch while he dusted.... I would never use my child for chore that should be my job.

Most important I have never EVER told my child a small lie such as, "The cooked carrots are magic and if you eat them you'll get magic powers." (to be fair cooked carrots are the only thing he doesn't eat.)