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Monday, May 23, 2011

Time Is Moving.....

Teagan will be 3 in 24 days..... And man have those 3 years flown by! A friend of mine gave me this quote and its so true....

"Enjoy today because the days are long but the years are short"

We have decided to have Teagan's birthday party at The Magic House!!

Something To Think About...

Recently I have noticed that I am pretty open minded about many things. Maybe open minded is the wrong term but I guess we will see as we continue along this blog journey.

I have noticed recently that I have strong opinions on somethings but I don't feel a need to force my view down your throat, UNLESS of course, you are shoving your view down my throat in an extremely offensive way. Then I have this strange need to defend myself and my view, which is completely crazy, because what I chose to believe or do with my life, my family, and my kid is no ones business but MINE and I shouldn't have to answer to anyone for them.

Examples? I'm glad you asked! The most recent one was on getting vaccines for your child. I won't lie- I shudder when I find out people aren't doing it but I'd never tell you or insist that you should get your child vaccines- Mostly because its your child, your family, your kids health, your hospital bills if something goes wrong.... and vice versa-- my kid, my family, my kids health, and my hospital bill if something goes wrong!

But what I can't stand is when people start openly attacking people who DO vaccinate or people who DON'T- every site that you go to is CLEARLY biased one way or another- for every website that a d0-not-vaccinater (DNVer) finds-- a d0-vacinater (DVer) will find one countering it point by point- We are NOT going to find a website that is clearly fact based and in the long run- you have to decide whats best for your family and your kids-- everything has risks-- and its up to you which risks are the best ones to take...

Another issue that lately I've felt myself getting really heated over in a "I have to defend myself" way is education. Namely I have experienced many people who are saying they're making alternative choices (home school namely) because of how "horrid teachers are" (DIRECT QUOTE) Now I don't care where you educate your child- so long as you do- but is it really a nice thing to bash the career that I have based my life on? Is it really fair to say to me that you think I'm not capable to teach your children? Even if you do feel that way- aren't there nicer ways to say things?

So here is my opinion-- I think that we all need to be a little more open minded and get over this whole, "my way is the only right way to be"- There are many "right" choices- Whats right for me may not be right for you- but that doesn't make it wrong!

Sorry-- had to vent!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Out Of The Mouth Of Teagan....

There are days where I can feel my patience with Teagan growing thin and it is normally at this exact moment that he comes up with something that is so funny that I am biting my lip to hold back laughter.... SOOO to brighten your Tuesday (or whatever day you read this)..... here are some things straight out of the mouth of my kiddo....

Teagan: I want a snack Mommy.
Me: Whats the magic word?
Teagan: YES!!!
* I did insist he use manners before I gave him a snack and then I laughed....*

Teagan: Does Daddy have lots of friends?
Me: Yes
Teagan: Does Daddy have lots of friends at work?
Me: Yes
Teagan: They all my friends too Mommy.

Teagan: Mommy I a big boy. Are you a big girl?
Me: Yes.
Teagan: Noooooo. You just Mommy.

Teagan: Happy Mothers Day Mommy.
Me: Thank you Teagan. I love you!
Teagan: I get you a prize Mommy. Look at my shirt! (it said "my mom rocks)
Me: I love it! Thank you for my prize.
Teagan: Now it my turn. Where my mother day prize Mommy?
Me: Only moms get a prize today.
Teagan: Oh. When it Teagan day?
Me: Every day except today and Fathers Day is Teagan day.
Teagan: Oh I get prize tomorrow

Teagan: My juice all gone.
Me: Ok- Go throw it away.
Teagan: *holds juice box up to his ear and shakes* It ok. There a tiny bit left Mommy.

I hope you enjoy hearing the things he comes up with!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Where Oh Where Has My Blogging Time Gone??

I know I've been a bad bad blogger lately... I keep saying, "Oh I will blog more. I will blog more" but lets just be 100% honest.... I don't..... And don't worry- my life isn't so interesting that I don't have time to blog... its almost the opposite.. its so everyday that I don't take the time to update you on boring things...

But I guess its time to update all of you!

Teagan will be 3 in just a couple of week and he is currently-- extremely interested in pirates! In fact- we moved him to a toddler bed and its a pirate theme in his room now! He goes to be talking about pirates, he wakes up talking about pirates, we watch a pirate show during breakfast....

And if its not pirates then its trains or Toy Story-- I've started to realize that girls have cuter clothes but the boy toys are way better!!!

The Easter Bunny brought Teagan a whole bunch of Play-Doh-- so thats been a new thing at our house. And its an activity that I really enjoy because it involves Teagan sitting still!

Outside of all of that-- not a whole lot is going on-- here are a few pictures so you can see how big my little boy is getting...

I found this quote on a friends status the other day-- and it seems so perfect to describe my life lately...

"Enjoy this time to the fullest because the days are long but the years are short."