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Monday, May 23, 2011

Something To Think About...

Recently I have noticed that I am pretty open minded about many things. Maybe open minded is the wrong term but I guess we will see as we continue along this blog journey.

I have noticed recently that I have strong opinions on somethings but I don't feel a need to force my view down your throat, UNLESS of course, you are shoving your view down my throat in an extremely offensive way. Then I have this strange need to defend myself and my view, which is completely crazy, because what I chose to believe or do with my life, my family, and my kid is no ones business but MINE and I shouldn't have to answer to anyone for them.

Examples? I'm glad you asked! The most recent one was on getting vaccines for your child. I won't lie- I shudder when I find out people aren't doing it but I'd never tell you or insist that you should get your child vaccines- Mostly because its your child, your family, your kids health, your hospital bills if something goes wrong.... and vice versa-- my kid, my family, my kids health, and my hospital bill if something goes wrong!

But what I can't stand is when people start openly attacking people who DO vaccinate or people who DON'T- every site that you go to is CLEARLY biased one way or another- for every website that a d0-not-vaccinater (DNVer) finds-- a d0-vacinater (DVer) will find one countering it point by point- We are NOT going to find a website that is clearly fact based and in the long run- you have to decide whats best for your family and your kids-- everything has risks-- and its up to you which risks are the best ones to take...

Another issue that lately I've felt myself getting really heated over in a "I have to defend myself" way is education. Namely I have experienced many people who are saying they're making alternative choices (home school namely) because of how "horrid teachers are" (DIRECT QUOTE) Now I don't care where you educate your child- so long as you do- but is it really a nice thing to bash the career that I have based my life on? Is it really fair to say to me that you think I'm not capable to teach your children? Even if you do feel that way- aren't there nicer ways to say things?

So here is my opinion-- I think that we all need to be a little more open minded and get over this whole, "my way is the only right way to be"- There are many "right" choices- Whats right for me may not be right for you- but that doesn't make it wrong!

Sorry-- had to vent!

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