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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Out Of The Mouth Of Teagan....

There are days where I can feel my patience with Teagan growing thin and it is normally at this exact moment that he comes up with something that is so funny that I am biting my lip to hold back laughter.... SOOO to brighten your Tuesday (or whatever day you read this)..... here are some things straight out of the mouth of my kiddo....

Teagan: I want a snack Mommy.
Me: Whats the magic word?
Teagan: YES!!!
* I did insist he use manners before I gave him a snack and then I laughed....*

Teagan: Does Daddy have lots of friends?
Me: Yes
Teagan: Does Daddy have lots of friends at work?
Me: Yes
Teagan: They all my friends too Mommy.

Teagan: Mommy I a big boy. Are you a big girl?
Me: Yes.
Teagan: Noooooo. You just Mommy.

Teagan: Happy Mothers Day Mommy.
Me: Thank you Teagan. I love you!
Teagan: I get you a prize Mommy. Look at my shirt! (it said "my mom rocks)
Me: I love it! Thank you for my prize.
Teagan: Now it my turn. Where my mother day prize Mommy?
Me: Only moms get a prize today.
Teagan: Oh. When it Teagan day?
Me: Every day except today and Fathers Day is Teagan day.
Teagan: Oh I get prize tomorrow

Teagan: My juice all gone.
Me: Ok- Go throw it away.
Teagan: *holds juice box up to his ear and shakes* It ok. There a tiny bit left Mommy.

I hope you enjoy hearing the things he comes up with!

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