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Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Me Monday

I am really glad that MckMama started Not Me Monday again because I was missing being able to admit to all of the things that I never ever do....

This past week has been really busy and I most certainly did not let my son eat fruit snacks for breakfast so that I could just sit and relax. I always make sure that his breakfast is super healthy and a great start to his day.

I also did not make sure that Teagans clean underwear was shoved far enough back in his drawer so that he can't reach it because I was tired of him wearing 3 pairs at a time. I mean seriously why would anyone care?

And we all know that I would NEVER allow my son to tell strangers at Target about how he peed in a cup at the doctor. I would never be grateful he was talking to someone else regardless of the topic so that I could shut off my brain for a few seconds. (and I of course would never then hope he tells someone else because the reaction is funny)

I also do not EVER turn off the monitor and just pretend Teagan is still asleep.. Nope not me! I spring out of bed at the first peep from him to start our day!

And last but not least.... I did not wait to do our laundry until nothing was clean. I take advantage of every free second to do something productive. I for sure did not spend the time I should have been doing laundry watching Dance Moms.... I'd never watch such horrid TV....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not Me Monday!! (They're BAAACCCCKKKK)

Not Me Monday is an idea started by MckMama and it's where we "admit" to our bad parenting deeds by saying we did NOT do it... So here goes mine....

I try as hard as I can to be a good mom. I have always wanted to be 3 things- a wife, a mom, and a teacher-- since I'm not teaching in a school I am hoping to be a GREAT mom so I would most certainly NEVER let Teagan pretzels and grapes for dinner. I know that's not all balanced and I would NEVER EVER let my own exhaustion get in the way of a practical dinner... nope... not me

Teagan started new meds a few weeks ago for his asthma and they've been making him act CRAZY and I did not put him in his room for a nap and then turn the monitor off and pretend like I couldn't hear him for an hour just so I could get a break.... nope I would NEVER ignore the fact that my son was tossing blocks all over his room singing songs at the top of his lungs...

I ALWAYS do our laundry and I NEVER let it pile up til we have nothing left to wear. And I never leave it clean in a laundry basket and say, "Dig- it's all clean" Everything is always promptly washed, dried, and put away.

There also was not a toy annoying me so bad last week that I decided to turn the batteries backwards and claim it was broken. I would never do that.. I have endless amounts of patience for loud toys...

What did you "not" do this week?