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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunshine, Warm Weather, Trains, and Sledding

Well our AZ trip FINALLY came and went by way to fast-- Every time we go and then come home I think, "We need to stay longer next time"-- so next time-- we are staying longer!

SOOOO here goes nothing!!!

Already using iPhones!

Lounging in the pit



Bath time!

Kaylin sledding!


Rylan sledding!
Started to build a snowman!
Playing at the park!
My little train boy
Looking at trains
Riding the train!
Riding the Merry Go Round
Train Track walking!
Kaylin being as cool!
Our family!

I know that this is just pics-- but hey-- thats what we all want to see anyway!

Christmas 2010

Christmas was a month ago... but I am just now getting around too blogging about it-- better late then never I suppose!

As usual Christmas was AMAZING! Teagan was spoiled beyond belief and our house officially looks as though a toy store exploded in it! I have to say that I really appreciate how much everyone loves our Teagan. He was so excited over everything and has played with all of it non stop. SOOO instead of me blabbering on and on-- lets just get to the pics!!

Teagan opening his Thomas set from Grandma Kathy!

Follow Me Thomas-- He plays with this NON stop-- partially to torment the dog!

Loving his stocking!

Santa brought a train table!
Time for art projects!
Our little family!
Teagan and Santa!

As you can see-- we had a GREAT Christmas!!!

Time To Catch Up--

So I have been promising several posts for awhile-- so here goes nothing...

Friday, January 7, 2011

Inventive Potty Training... Or A Hysterically Funny Mess...

Do you ever collapse on your couch and think to yourself, "Did that seriously just happen??" Well thats what I am thinking tonight...

So I left Teagan to play in the living room while I went to the bathroom- I do this a lot- and NORMALLY nothing happens.. but tonight well.. As I came back in to the living room I realized that something smelled AWFUL!!!! I looked on the floor and saw our dog had pooped on the floor and had pooped A LOT-- Teagan was hiding-- and there was a trail leading to him-- a trail that included his pants... his diaper.... AND A POOP TURD.... He had taken his pants and diaper off and POOPED NEXT TO THE DOG POOP!!!

So I pulled him out from under his train table and asked him what he did... he said, "i poop like mowwee" Now inside my head I was shaking him and screaming WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?? BUT on the outside-- I said in a VERY excited voice, "TEAGAN I am so proud of you for not going in your diaper!! But next time you have to yell REALLY loud, MOMMY I HAVE TO GO POTTY so we can put it on the potty. Ok? No more pooping on the floor." He said ok-- and I crated the dog and put Teag in baby jail aka his high chair....

SOOOO After I was done cleaning I get Teag down and he started to PLAY in the damp carpet and LICK IT.... WHAT????

This to me was the sign that the day needed to be OVER-- So I took him and put him to bed-- He started looking at the camera (we have a video monitor) saying, "MOMMY IT TEE TEE. IT NOT BED TIME. IT TO EARREE"--- Well guess what kiddo-- Its NOT to early-- it IS bed time-- and mommy is pooped... PUN INTENDED!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011


It snowed in early December and it was the first time that Teagan was able to experience snow and really understand what was going on. We put him in his snow suit and let him play on our deck!!

Eagle Scout-- FINALLY!!!

Jamie's cousin, Paddy, earned his Eagle Scout award in early December-- and as a special treat during the celebration-- JAMIE FINALLY WAS GIVEN HIS!!!!

Daddy and his "future scout"
Daddy getting his Eagle Scout.
Daddy excited!!