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Friday, January 7, 2011

Inventive Potty Training... Or A Hysterically Funny Mess...

Do you ever collapse on your couch and think to yourself, "Did that seriously just happen??" Well thats what I am thinking tonight...

So I left Teagan to play in the living room while I went to the bathroom- I do this a lot- and NORMALLY nothing happens.. but tonight well.. As I came back in to the living room I realized that something smelled AWFUL!!!! I looked on the floor and saw our dog had pooped on the floor and had pooped A LOT-- Teagan was hiding-- and there was a trail leading to him-- a trail that included his pants... his diaper.... AND A POOP TURD.... He had taken his pants and diaper off and POOPED NEXT TO THE DOG POOP!!!

So I pulled him out from under his train table and asked him what he did... he said, "i poop like mowwee" Now inside my head I was shaking him and screaming WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?? BUT on the outside-- I said in a VERY excited voice, "TEAGAN I am so proud of you for not going in your diaper!! But next time you have to yell REALLY loud, MOMMY I HAVE TO GO POTTY so we can put it on the potty. Ok? No more pooping on the floor." He said ok-- and I crated the dog and put Teag in baby jail aka his high chair....

SOOOO After I was done cleaning I get Teag down and he started to PLAY in the damp carpet and LICK IT.... WHAT????

This to me was the sign that the day needed to be OVER-- So I took him and put him to bed-- He started looking at the camera (we have a video monitor) saying, "MOMMY IT TEE TEE. IT NOT BED TIME. IT TO EARREE"--- Well guess what kiddo-- Its NOT to early-- it IS bed time-- and mommy is pooped... PUN INTENDED!!

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