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Monday, October 3, 2011

Not My Child!!

Mckmama- Not Me Monday

Not My Child is a variation on NOT ME MONDAY!! Only this time I get to tell you all of the things I try to keep secret about Teagan... So here we go....

Teagan does NOT have a new thing for money and putting it in to his bank and he for sure does NOT ask almost everyone we know if they have any "cash" for him. I mean really- what parent would allow that to happen?

Teagan also NEVER EVER thinks it would be a good idea to go to CostCo or Sams for samples. I mean I'm sure that I have NEVER EVER taken him there for lunch on Sundays. I mean seriously what parent would think multiple sample makes a good lunch?

Teagan does NOT EVER get cookies for breakfast. NEVER EVER.....

My child doesn't ever say, "DONT TOUCH THAT MOMMY" and when I say to use manners change it to, "MOMMY DONT TOUCH THAT PLEASE".

See- my child is perfect! (hahahahaha)


  1. *smile*

    Love when the kids turn our teaching them manners back on us :)

  2. Haha loved it. My child does NOT throw stuff aniimals at girls and thinks what he did is funny.

    My child does not have an uncanny fascination with Team Umizoomi.

    Glad to see our kids are so lively lol ;)