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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Back!

I've tried several times to be a "devoted" blogger and I have never had enough to write about. I'm thinking that 2014 is going to be the year that I start to have PLENTY to write about and plenty to share.

Let's do an update:

In September 2012 we moved in to our first house. It was a long wait but I'm so glad we waited and were able to buy exactly what we wanted!

In February 2013 our family grow by 2 feet! We welcomed out daughter, Delaney!

In December 2013 we found out that our family is growing again- by 2 feet! We are expecting our 3rd child in August!

I have decided that I need to do a better job of recording our life. Teagan has become a funny kid and Delaney is sure to follow in his foot steps. So hang on-- 2014 is just beginning!

Let's see here... Where to start... How about this--- I can't believe that we are expecting our third child! Delaney and Thing 3 will only be 18 months apart! I have moments where I think I have I may lose it.. and other moments where I think, "Oh this will be fine. We can do it!"

I guess time will tell..

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