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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Out Of The Mouth Of Teag

Recently Teagan has said several things that made me laugh or smile-- So here we go!

Jamie: What are you and Mommy going to do today?
Teagan: We going to da zoo. We gonna see monkeys daddy. (it was about 45 degrees outside)
Jamie: It's a little to cold for the zoo Buddy.
Teagan: Oh. Maybe morrow Daddy.

Me: Teagan we are going bye bye.
Teagan: Where we goin?
Me: We are going shopping to find an outfit for Baby Kaylin. (rylans sister)
Teagan: Ry-Ry live fuh away. (Ry-ry is his cousin who lives in AZ)
Me: Yes he does live far away.
Teagan: Kay-Kay fuh away. An ackie fuh away.
Me: Yes Kay-kay and Aunt Jackie live far away too. BUT we are going to visit them in a few weeks.
Teagan: No. Ry-Ry to busy.
Me: What is he doing?
Teagan: He werking. *working* (Rylan is 2....)
Me: Oh well what about Kay-Kay?
Teagan: She werking too.
Me: What about Aunt Jackie?
Teagan: Oh she doin nottin.

Teagan was eating lunch in his high chair and our dog, Molly, was begging. Normally Teagan shares with her but this day he looked down at her and said, "NO Molly. I no share today. Maybe morrow."

At my moms work today she gave him a sucker-- he took one lick and said, "This is delicious!"

I can't believe he comes up with some of this!~

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