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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Adventure Of Miniature Proportions

Recently Teagan told me he wanted to go on an "venture" aka adventure. On that day- it was cold outside and I couldn't come up with any ideas for a good outdoor adventure- So we went on an indoor adventure.... I took Teagan's Little People Animals-- (he has about 30) and I hid them around our living room and dining room and we went on an "animal hunt". He LOVED it. The pictures below are from one we did a few days later with Daddy.

Animal Adventure With Daddy

Teagan checking out some animals he just found.
(I didn't say I hid them in hard places...)

Teagan took this picture!

Scooping up his animals!

On his way to the next set...

Teagan said, "Mommy they sayin cheese"
soooo I took a pic!

As he finds them he lines them up..
Here he is wearing his Super T cape with all of his "catches"

Surrounded by his animals!

In the end this takes about 20 minutes... but for 20 minutes he squeals with delight and that makes it all worth it...

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