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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Good.... The Bad.... And The Dirty

I am never lazy and I always vacuum when I should. Laundry NEVER piles up at my house and dust never settles on the furniture..... Did anyone believe that?? Anyone at all??

Well if you did... don't.... My house/apartment is clean.... but its not perfect... and today I realized I hadn't gotten out Dottie Dyson in a few days... ummm a week.... (ps== Dottie Dyson is what I named my vacuum as I typed this...) So tonight I got it out and I realized something VERY important....

The Dyson picks up EVERYTHING!!! Vacuum with a "regular" vacuum and then use one of these-- you will be disgusted at what it gets up even after a "regular" one-- SOOO WORTH THE MONEY!! (even more worth it when Target offers a gift card with purchase)

The Dyson picks up everything... so it almost mocks you when you have been avoiding it... See all that stuff it picked up??

BUT then I think about this adorable face getting all that icky stuff in his mouth... and I realize that Dottie Dyson can mock away... I'm going to just use her more often...That'll show her...

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