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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010-- ALL ABOARD

Halloween this year was sooooo much fun! I knew that the past two years he's had little to no idea what was going on but this year- We talked about it a lot and talked about what he was going to be. We practiced saying, "Trick or Treat please" and he was READY!!

Teagan was a train engineer this year because he is all about trains this year! (yes I know-- I still owe you a post about A Day Out With Thomas--)-- He carried around a Thomas The Train with him and he even wore the hat and the bandana the whole time!

He didn't get to go too many houses this year because we spent another year really focused on seeing family- but next year he is going to be able to go Trick Or Treat crazy!

Teagan, The Engineer, On The Run!

He was scooting down the hill saying he was on a slide..


Walking with Daddy

Showing me his loot.

My niece, Abbie-- A Gothic Fairy

Teagan The Train Engineer and Claire aka Emily Elizabeth


Ready to go!!

My Lil Boy in a tree

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