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Friday, November 12, 2010

Silly Photo Thursday

So on Thursday morning my niece came over to spend the morning with us-- Teagan is 29 months (basically... officially he will be 29 months on November 16)-- Claire will be 2 on Sunday--- So they're 5 months apart in age..... And as I am sure you can imagine... leads to some fun times....

Claire and Teagan "resting" in Teagan's bed....

Later that night... we went out to dinner with Donna, Claire, and my mom... and Teagan wore this...

yup--- he has on a pirate monkey shirt, a train engineer hat, and a super hero cape....


Hey-- He's 2.... He was happy...and hes cute!


  1. Hi Bridget! I didn't even know you had a blog! Teagan is such a cutie! And what a great Mom you are to go ahead and let him have fun with his clothes! They are only young for such a short time!

    Sam is due in May. I don't know if they are going to find out the sex or not. It would be like her to find out and not tell anyone!! We'll see! We're pulling for a boy! But sure love our girls!!

    I am transitioning into my part time job of being an Etsy shop owner, but am trying to get back to my blogging. When I do get the chance, I'll pop by and see what you're up to! Give your guys a hug for me!
    Aunt Becky

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