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Monday, November 8, 2010

An Update....

Currently we have a lot going on... Some good... Some bad-- I'm going to chose not to expand on the bad right now-- just please keep my family and a friends family in your prayers-- Pray for two medical miracles because thats what we need right now...

On to happier things.... Teagan has another appt with PAT tomorrow. PAT is Parents As Teachers-- a program that many states have but it appears very few people take advantage of-- Basically and early childhood teacher comes to your home a few times a year to evaluate your child and help you out with making sure they are on track developmentally. I am sure that many people think, "I can do that on my own" but its really nice to have someone come in and reassure you that your child is perfect.

Teagan's latest interest is monsters. He is always asking us to draw him monsters.... Sometimes scary... sometimes silly. I have no idea where he even learned about monsters but he did and now we are all about monsters!! (and of course still all about the trains and Toy Story)

Other then that-- We are just enjoying this slow time before Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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