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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Funny Before 9 AM.......

I have always loved kids and always loved to be around them.... I mean I have a degree in Elementary Education--- clearly- kids are a large focus of my life.... but Teagan and other kids.... Still do things that just crack me up....

I sub for a local school district-- so you can only imagine the stories I come home with.... and imagine is all you are going to continue to do because I refuse to blog about all of that... I don't think thats a very professional thing to do.... and I wouldn't want someone blogging about my kids.... even if they didn't use their name or anything-- but lets just say this-- the fact that kids don't have a filter-- doesn't stop at school with a sub....

So on too the point of this post--- Teagan can be really funny.... Its in the delivery of the things he says (is that possible at 2???)

This morning-- I went in Teag's room at 745--- and gave him some books so I could "take a long shower" aka-- lay down in bed for another 20 minutes and then take super fast shower.... sooo I'm laying in bed for about 10 minutes-- and I hear Teagan calling me, "MOMMY-- I need you. Come back pease" So I go in there and he has covered all of his book with his blanket and he says, "Mommy where my books at?" and I played along- as any good mom does- and said, "I don't know Teagan! Where did they go?? Are they lost?" and he said, "THEY'RE HIDING MOMMY".... We spent a minute or so looking in his bed-- and then he whips the cover back and says, "PEE A BOOOOOO"

After that he let me take my "long shower" and we came out to the living room to play (Daddy is having a "sleep in" day-- tomorrow is my day to sleep) We have a dog named Molly-- shes looks like the dog from The Wizzard Of Oz-- only a little bigger... and she right away hopped up on the couch... and Teagan said, "GET DOWN MOWWY. You not upposed be up dere. GET DOWN." as the dog hopped off (with that slightly confused look like, "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE KID") He said, "JEEZ shes nnoying me" (Maybe I shouldn't say that anymore....)

And now-- Teag is sitting right next to me.... eating some Cheerios and telling me all about all of his trains-- and its 9:22...

BTW-- Today is my nieces 11th birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBIE!!!

and in case I don't blog tomorrow---

Tomorrow is my niece Claires 2nd birthday! (Abbie and Claire are sisters)-- HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAIRE!

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  1. LOL! I think hearing the cute things my kids say is one of my most favorite things about being a mom. And yes, we definitely do have to watch what WE say, lol.