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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Mom.....Dad.....MIZZOU.... And A Weekend Away

It finally happened! Jamie and I finally had a weekend away!!! I had been thinking for a long time that we needed to but the opportunity finally came and it was far too good to pass up!

We went too........ MIZZOU FOR HOMECOMING!!!! My friend Karen and her boyfriend, Eric, were in town from California to go as well and we had such a great time. It was so nice to be able to leave Teagan with his grandma and just go and worry about us for a short time.

Let's start with what everyone wants to know.... MIZZOU played OU-- They hadn't beaten OU since 1998- Well that all changed Saturday!! MIZZOU won 36-27!! It was CRAZY! The students rushed the field and carried the goal post through MIZZOU's campus to Harpos- A bar where they cut the goal post up and people could have a piece of it. We walked part of the way with the goal post but didn't go on to get a piece of it..... 70k people in the stadium-- There was no way we'd have gotten a piece....

So away we go--- Our Weekend Away

I left at about 10 am Friday morning to ride to Columbia, MO (about 2 hours from home) with my friend Karen.... Up first- Booches

This is me, Karen, and Eric in front of Booches! Booches is a small bar that serves "the best hamburgers ever"... I don't eat red meat so I had Panera.

After Booches we decided to head to the Student Center- It had been redone since Jamie and Karen graduated-- and hadn't been open yet when Jamie and I went to MIZZOU a few weeks before Teagan was born.

On the way to the student center we saw a bike for two-- with a baby seat on the back-- That had a baby doll in it...

After visiting the MIZZOU Student Center, which was CRAZY busy!!! We decided to head to The Devils Icebox-- which is a cave in a park in Columbia, MO

Eric, Karen, and me-- right before we hiked up too the cave

A sign informing us the trail was closed.... We ignored it...

Inside the cave!

Me and Karen outside the cave.

After The Devils Icebox-- It was time for House Decs-- House Decs are mini skits that groups of fraternities and sororities put on in the street. We had a fun time walking around and seeing them and snacking!

Karen "chugging" the rest of the puppy chow!

In front of "the tiger".

ESPN was taping the show, Game Day. This is the truck.

Jamie met up with us at about 830 that night and headed too Flat Branch-- a micro-brewery in downtown Columbia. We made it back to the hotel and in to bed around 2 am. We were up at 9 am to go tailgate!

1st Tailgate--
First Tailgate!

After tailgating we headed to get Tiger Stripe Icecream!!



We went and saw some of the parade-- and then it was time to head to the alumni celebration with Jamie's fraternity.

Karen and I on the steps at Delta Sigma Phi-- This is where we used to sit to wait for the bathroom.

The new house!! We'll go back next year for the dedication.

After the alumni picnic we headed to the Delta Sig Alumni Tailgate!

Delta Sig Tailgate!

Jamie and I decided NOT to get tickets to the game-- and instead we went shopping for a present for Teagan and then watched the game in the student center. After MIZZOU beat OU- the students rushed the field to get the goal post and carry it through the streets. We caught up with them.

Carrying the goal post to Harpos.

Piggy Back ride!

We met up with Eric and Karen and decided to go and get snacks and head back to the hotel to chat. We fell in to bed at about 230 am! And we were back up and ready to leave by 1030 am.

One last picture before Karen heads home-- and we do.

Jamie, me, and Karen

So there you have it!! Our BUSY weekend away!

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