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Monday, October 4, 2010

The Band Marches On....

This weekend was again full of fun!!! As I posted earlier-- We went to Grants Farm on Friday--

On Saturday we went to my brothers marching band competition- Outside of it being a little to loud for Teagan's ears-- We had a great time!! We went to eat pizza at Aldos, to the band competition, and then a little bit of shopping!

Sunday we spent all day at home relaxing as a family.

Now I am going to go off on a small tangent....

SAFETY RECALLS!!-- I am trying really hard to understand why people get so bent out of shape over recalls. I see tons of people all the time who after hearing about a recall claim they'll never buy from that company again. I do not understand this at all!!!

People make mistakes- these companies put out millions and millions of products a year- you cant expect them all to be perfect- Personally- Id be more likely to buy from them because they are doing the right thing and fixing the situation.....

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