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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If Only I Could Capture This Moment In Time.....

There are somethings that I know as Teagan gets older will start to fade away- Things that I never want to forget... So here are a few things that I hope I still remember when he's 17 and giving me grief!!

"Handle me Mommy."
This may sound like a silly thing to want to remember and like it doesn't make much sense. BUT this is how Teagan tells me and everyone else- that he wants to be held. I have no idea where he got it from but I am pretty sure that in 16 years-- remembering this may be the one thing that keeps me from saying, "I BROUGHT YOU IN TO THIS WORLD AND I CAN TAKE YOU OUT"

"Teagie hold tight"
This is what Teagan says when he wants to hold something. I think it's his way of telling us that he won't drop it as well.

"A-Bee- Cee- Deee- EEEEE"
Teagan's ABC's are toooo cute!!!

Hug--pat pat pat
When Teagan gives you a hug he pats your back as he hugs you and says, "AWWWW HUG TIGHT"

I'm sure there are more but I cant think of them right now. What do your kids do that makes you smile? What moments would you put in a time capsule if you could?

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