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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where did you get that???

Lately I have been getting a lot of questions as to where I get Teagan's clothes- Now personally I don't think I dress him exceptionally cute or anything- But I will not list how and where I shop.

I am going to start with the most asked after outfit..... The Superhero birthday outfit!

Teagan's superhero outfit was made for him by my friend, Lisa McGrath. Lisa makes customized shirts, capes, bags-- ALL KINDS OF STUFF!!! You should really check her site out-- if you don't see the superhero outfit-- Just email her!!!

Here are a few other shirts that she has made for Teagan--

Now- I also get asked a lot where I get Teagan's shirts-- Thats kind of a long list... But here goes!

Crazy8-- Crazy8 is owned by the same company as Gymboree-- BUT CHEAPER!!!

Old Navy-- This one is pretty east to understand...

Kohls-- Kohls is a personal favorite!!! I get lots and lots of stuff at Kohls.

Childrens Place-- Again-- simple-- but always make sure to check out the outlet at St. Louis Mills Mall. Or any Childrens Place Outlet. I get shirts there for 99 Cents all the time!

Carters-- Carters outlets ROCK!!! And you can usually find good coupons!!

Ok- so I have to admit... Almost all of Teagan's clothes are SOOOOO last season... Thats right-- They're almost ALL from last season-- I buy clearance-- and a season ahead-- So I had almost all of his winter clothes bought by the end of July-- and NOTHING cost me more then 4 dollars!!

So there ya go--- Thats where I got it!

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