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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June 16, 2010....

So I am sure that anyone who is reading this is wondering why I would name my blog post yesterdays date. Well that is because yesterday was Teagan's birthday!!! He turned 2 and I realized just how fast these 2 years have passed, which can only mean the next 20 are going to fly as well.

We spent yesterday celebrating Teagan- We started off with a trip to the mall with Grandma K, Aunt Donna, Claire, Abbie, and Uncle Cameron- We went to lunch and let the kids ride the train that goes around the mall.

Then we came home for a nap and off to dinner with the same people (minus Uncle C) and we added Grammy J and Grandpa R.

THEN we came home to have cake with Grandma C and Grandpa R!!!

Now going along with the idea that the past two years have just FLOWN by-- I am going to post some pics of Teag over the past two years... (and then we'll look at some birthday fun!)

Teagan the day he was born.

Teagan at 3 months.

Teagan at 4 months!

Teagan at 1!

Teagan at 18 months!

Teagan at 2!!

As you can see- hes grown up fast..-- NOW lets move on to some birthday pics!!

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