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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life And Some Fireworks...

Sooo maybe we are bad parents but we decided to skip the fireworks this year- Teagan was just too tired and we were exhausted as well. (It ended up being a good idea to skip them because little did I know at that point that the flu was about to take over my body)

Now to back track to how we DID spend our 4th of July!!!
We started off with sleeping in as a family till 9 am (I slept till 10 am since it was "my turn") Jamie and Teagan spent the morning playing with trains and being boys.... In the afternoon we went to the Magic House with Jamie's grandparents and his two cousins, Dierdre and Declan. Teagan had a BLAST and was exhausted when we left-- and we headed to Grandma and Pa-Pa's house so he could nap-- but little did we know that napping was not in Teagan's plans... instead playing trains with Pa-pa was! After that we headed to Red Lobster for dinner-- and of course after dinner-- we went on home...

Outside of the 4th-- we've been pretty boring lately.... Trying to stick around home a little bit more... Let Teagan play with his toys and not be on the run quite as much-- BUTT thats about to come to a crashing close as we approach the end of July-- because--- JACKIE, ERIC,AND RYLAN WILL BE HERE!!!! WOO OHOOO!!! I am so excited to see Rylan and Teagan play together again!! They're 8 months older now and I am sure it will be so different then how they were in November!

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