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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Headaches, Laughs, and OH MYS

Recently I've started to realize that I think, say, and talk about things that 5 years ago I never would have thought would be part of my every day life... so here is my list of things that only a mom would understand....

You Know You Are A Mom When:

*you put your kids to bed and look at the toys all over the living room and think, "No point in putting those away tonight." because you know in less then 14 hours they'll be back all over the floor.

* you no longer run to pick food that is dropped because your toddler will take care of it-- or the dog.

*you can read certain books with out even having to take your eyes off of whatever else you are trying to do.

*words such as the, and, or, of,-- are not needed for you to understand the message.

* you have said this, "Please stop climbing the bookcase" or any type of furniture.

* Your idea of bargaining includes naps...

*You have figured out how to get through any given location WITH OUT seeing the toys.

*You see no issue with eating food that may or may not have been in your kid's mouth already.

*whats your husbands is your husbands, whats your kids is your kids, but what is yours is EVERYONES.

*when you haven't eaten a meal that you haven't had to share in months.

*when you take 3-5 minutes longer in the bathroom then really needed because its one of the few places you can be alone.

* when you wait to "need" something till your husband is home so you can get out of the house alone.

* when talking about poo no longer grosses you out.

*when you can sing TV theme songs on command. (Sunnnnnnny days sweeeepin the clouds awayyyy)

*when you know the names of the trains, dinos, etc

*when someone says, "What do you want for your birthday/Christmas etc" and the first thing that comes to your mind is something for your kids.

*when you have a day off and you want to go somewhere that has even more kids at it...

Who wants to add theirs???

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  1. Hi Bridgit!

    This post made me laugh, I can completely relate! I found you through Kelli's blog, and I'm your latest follower. Have a beautiful day!