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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lots To Share....

Things have been really crazy in the Allen household recently. Busy and crazy enough to make me feel like my head is spinning!

Teagan is having an allergic reaction to something and has a staph infection. We are treating it with oral and topical meds- so he should be good to go in a week or so. The meds don't seem to bother him that much other then the topical- which he says burns but as long as I blow on it to "cool it off" (his words) hes okay with it.

Once we have the staph infection gone we will move on to trying to figure out what is causing this reaction. It may include allergy testing or it may be a situation where we remove all of whatever we think is causing it from his diet/life to see if we can clear up the rashes/hives.

Teagan also had his final Parents As Teachers meeting- He is testing at a level higher then his age for speech! I am not at all surprised because he talks a LOT! We are going to watch how he says a few certain sounds but other then that hes ahead in all areas!!

AND.... NO MORE DIAPERS IN THIS HOUSE!!! In fact-- we are almost done with PullUps too! We use them for naps and sleeping only and they're dry and clean 90% of the time.

Now-- a few pics so that you can see what we have been up too!

Teagan at the Magic House--
Teagan looking cute
Teagan at an Easter Egg hunt.
Being Silly

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  1. Sorry Teag has been sick! Not fun! Understand about the allergies/changing diet/etc. We've done that! Love you,and love the adorable pictures of Teagan!