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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August-- Hot as........

Okay-- August was HOT.... Hot as-- well it was HHHOOOOTTTTT-- the kind of hot where you avoid leaving the house unless you are going to swimming or to an igloo.

I'm trying to remember if anything worth blogging about happened in August....

We were really busy!! We spent a lot of time with friends and family... Not much to say...
OHHH I can update you on some funny things my lil man did!

- One day I came back up from taking the dog out and he was laying on the kitchen table shaking pepper on himself saying, "I take a showa mommy" and I said, "Teagan I'm glad you want to take a shower but lets use water next time and not spices"
- The pepper and salt have since been moved to somewhere other then the table.

- Teagan has started getting stuck on purpose and then yelling, "mommy i tuck. ome et me" I usually try to snap a picture with my phone before I get him..

- Teagan has also started hiding.

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