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Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's too early Teagan!

Today I had one of those mornings where it's next to impossible to get out of bed... And these are almost always the mornings that Teagan wakes up with gusto.

This morning Jamie left for work and I rolled over to close my eyes again and not 5 minutes later, over the baby monitor, I hear this, "MOMMY OME ET ME!! I AVE A PRISE FOR OO" (Mommy come get me. I have a surprise for you) I dragged myself in there to see "the surprise" because as we all know-- with two year olds you may not WANT to know what it is but you most likely need to know.....

So once I was in his room I asked what my surprise was. He looked at me giggled and said, "Mommy I ooped and it ucky" (mommy i pooped and its yucky) WONDERFUL!! Thats how I like to start my morning... a diaper full of poo..... Soooo while we changed it I told him he needs to either sleep an hour later or wake up 10 minutes earlier so his dad will change it!

On to breakfast-- I put him in the high chair and gave him a banana to eat while I ran the dog outside-- I came back in and the banana was gone, but I was suspicious he had stuck it somewhere because he doesn't normally eat them that fast-- I asked him where it was and he said, "In my tummy Mommy." and rubbed his tummy as he said it....

So Teagan-- Let me just say this--- its too early for you to be so cute....

Currently he is playing with his "tain tack" (train track) that he insisted I build and told me over and over, "it not ig Mommy"-- it must be "ig" now because hes playing and no longer dumping more and more track in to my lap!

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