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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Catching Up

I really wish that I was better about blogging more often.... I'd love it if someday I was able to make this a living and just stay home and blog about all of the adorable things my kid (at that point I am sure it will be kids) do.... But alas-- I do not seem to have the ability to be that dedicated to just writing down the every day....

BUT I am again going to try and get better about it. I want to remember things when Teagan is older and I have more kids and more things to remember and maybe one day I'll have some people who follow us who I don't even know! Is it strange that I find that exciting?

This past week has been LONG... Teagan had croup which morphed in to some kind of tummy bug which of course-- has gone back to the snotty nose bad cough--- I am just praying that this is not a sign of what this winter will be like!!

Of course anyone who knows Teagan knows that feeling sick doesn't get him down-- Its been a snuggly week but still hes a happy guy-- just very easy to bother....

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